Adobe LiveCycle ES3 new features

Just a quick post to point to a useful new post up at the Adobe LiveCycle Blog:

There are new features across most of the modules (albeit some being relatively minor); looking forward to giving it a try! Certainly won’t miss the ADEP branding, glad it’s gone back to LiveCycle.



It’s been a hectic couple of months with my move to Canada but having now settled in I hope to be able to write a few more posts on some of the technology I’m working with.  My most recent project is HTML5 and JavaScript based which has introduced me to a new library – Knockout.js.

The reason for choosing Knockout was simple; we needed a library which could manage data binding and that could map from JS objects to JSON.  Knockout (plus the mapping plugin) filled those needs perfectly.  For those moving over from the world of data binding in Flex it will quickly feel familiar. 

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be posting about some of the pitfalls we encountered whilst using the library and some tips on how to most effectively use it.  I’ll also be relating some of the concepts from ActionScript/Flex which should help others making the transition over to the HTML5 world. 

Moving across the pond

I’ve been a little quiet on my blog recently; moving from the UK to Canada took a little more of my time than anticipated! I’m now living in Vancouver, BC although in temporary accommodation until we secure an apartment. As soon as I’m back up and connected properly I’ll be starting a series of posts on my recent mobile development experience with some tips on getting started with Flash Builder 4.5 for mobile.

New resource for ADEP information on Adobe Blogs

A new blog has been created by the guys at Adobe to collate all the best posts from around the web which focus on ADEP and other Adobe enterprise products.  Well worth a visit and there is already some great content up there:

The ADEP Post

The ADEP Post is a human-moderated aggregator of the best user assistance content created by the LiveCycle/Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform community. The community at large includes partners, users, customers, and Adobe professionals.

This blog aggregates content relevant to both the LiveCycle Enterprise Suite as well as the recently-released Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform

Removing images from ImageFields using JavaScript

When adding an ImageField to a form it’s a common requirement to allow a user to remove the image.  By default clicking on the image field will only let the user replace it with another image.  If you want to remove it altogether then this little piece of code attached to a button will help:

imageField.rawValue = null;


Overview of the ADEP Document Services modules

When LiveCycle became ADEP Document Services all of the existing modules were ported over but I thought it would be useful to revisit them all and see what as new.  This post gives a summary of the modules which are available to any Document Services solution (excluding the foundation services which come with all Document Services modules) and should be familiar to those who have worked with LiveCycle ES1/ES2 in the past.

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LiveCycle Content Services in the ADEP world


A source of confusion I’ve come across when explaining the new world of ADEP to those familiar with the LiveCycle days is what has happened to Content Services.  Content Services was essentially the repository for storing files and anything else you needed persisting in your application.  It was built around the Open Source CMS by Alfresco and was used on almost all of the projects I worked on.  In the move to ADEP it’s the one module the fate of which I wasn’t 100% sure of.

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