Moving SMS text messages from iPhone to Android

Recently I bought a new Android phone to replace my iPhone 3G.  All of my contacts/mail etc were synced with Google so those didn’t need backing up but I did want to save my text messages.  I came across a number of different ways of achieving this but by far the simplest was by using a free online tool combined with an excellent free android app for backing up and restoring text messages.

  1. Follow the instructions on to backup your messages from your iPhone
  2. Download the free SMS Backup & Restore application onto your phone (use the QR code below with your phone’s camera)
  3. Transfer the XML file created by the isms2droid web application onto your phone’s SD card (the folder the SMS Backup & Restore app is looking at can be found by going to the options screen within the app)
  4. From within the app on your phone select “Restore” and chose the XML file you’ve just copied
  5. It takes a little while (depending on how many messages you have) but once complete all of your old text messages will now be on your phone.