ASDoc – wading through the errors

ASDoc is a nightmare. What should have been a simple task turned into a day of trawling the net trying to find the cause of the seemingly endless errors preventing me from running it. Eventually I got it working so here’s a short post explaining the pitfalls I faced.

  • Include the Flex libraries in your -library-path argument (i.e. flex.swc, rpc.swc, framework.swc, utilities.swc). Without this I was getting errors from asdoc not being able to find some of the standard classes.
  • Check your code! Some of the errors I was getting were actually problems that just weren’t throwing errors (some of my event dispatching classes were not extending EventDispatcher, this threw lots of errors whenever asdoc encountered dispatchEvent )
  • Give your -source-path as the root of your application but use -doc-sources to list only those folders you actually want documenting

For reference here is my very simple ANT script for generating my ASDocs:

<project name="ASDoc Build Script" default="main" >

 Read in the properties file which contains the locations
 for all paths referred to here
 <property file="" />

 Main Target:
 Cleans and compiles ASDocs with a log
 <target name="main" depends="clean, log, create-docs" />

 Delete and recreate the asdoc output directory
 <target name="clean" >
 <delete dir="${output.dir}" />
 <mkdir dir="${output.dir}" />

 Run asdoc.exe on the source documents passing all required
 parameters to asdoc
 <target name="create-docs" >
 <exec executable="${asdoc.exe}" failonerror="true" >
 <arg line="-source-path '${root_src}' " />
 <arg line="-doc-sources '${framework_src}' '${actionscripts_src}' " />
 <arg line="-library-path '${irmds_library.dir}' '${flex_library.dir}'" />

<arg line="-main-title '${main.title}'" />
 <arg line="-window-title '${window.title}'" />
 <arg line="-output '${output.dir}'" />

 Write out a log file
 <target name="log" >
 <record name="${output.dir}/asdoc-log.txt" action="start" append="true" />


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