Moving across the pond

I’ve been a little quiet on my blog recently; moving from the UK to Canada took a little more of my time than anticipated! I’m now living in Vancouver, BC although in temporary accommodation until we secure an apartment. As soon as I’m back up and connected properly I’ll be starting a series of posts on my recent mobile development experience with some tips on getting started with Flash Builder 4.5 for mobile.


New resource for ADEP information on Adobe Blogs

A new blog has been created by the guys at Adobe to collate all the best posts from around the web which focus on ADEP and other Adobe enterprise products.  Well worth a visit and there is already some great content up there:

The ADEP Post

The ADEP Post is a human-moderated aggregator of the best user assistance content created by the LiveCycle/Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform community. The community at large includes partners, users, customers, and Adobe professionals.

This blog aggregates content relevant to both the LiveCycle Enterprise Suite as well as the recently-released Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform