About Me
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What I Use
I’ll keep an updated list here of the gadgets, computers and primary software I’m currently using.  I’m always interested to see what other technology people use in their day to day jobs and lives so here’s my list:
  • Desktop PC: Self build Intel Core 2 Quad 4GB Ram with a 24 inch Dell display which is approaching 7 years old.
  • Laptop (Personal): Apple Macbook (White, Core Duo, 2006). It may be over 5 years old but it’s still going strong (albeit with a fairly limited 15 minute battery life).  The OS has been upgraded to Snow Leopard and is running as well as I could expect a 5+ year old laptop to run.
  • Laptop (Work): Lenovo T500 upgraded to 4GB from the standard 2GB.  It’s a good solid machine although is fairly heavy.  Would really miss the 1680 x 1050 resolution though if I moved to a smaller device.
  • Mobile: HTC Desire HD.  Apart from the terrible battery life I love the Desire HD, more than the iPhone 3G I had previously.


  • Browser: Google Chrome 95% of the time.  I used to switch between Chrome and Firefox but hardly open the latter at all these days.
  • LastPass for all my password storage and generation.  Fantastic tool I couldn’t do without.
  • Evernote for all my note taking in meetings, birthday lists and anything that doesn’t fit anywhere else
  • Eclipse for all development with the Flash Builder plugin
  • Notepad++ for whenever I can’t use Eclipse or for viewing text files
  • Spotify Premium for all my music (I no longer store MP3s on my day to day machines)
  • Adobe Acrobat X Pro for all my PDF needs
  • ADEP Document Services – Designer for creating PDF documents
  • ADEP Workbench  – For developing ADEP Document Services workflows

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